• Start Times for the 2019 edition of the Mandela Day Marathon Suite of events will be change in line with the requests made by numerous athletes.
  • 10 Km race will start at 06H00
  • 21.1 Km Half Marathon will start at 06H00
  • 42.2 Km Marathon will start at 06H00

All International runners must comply with IAAF rules

  • Race number must be worn on the upper body garment. Use four pins to attach the number.
  • Your temporary or Provincial License number must be worn on the back of your upper body garment.
  • The temporary chip from Finish Time for use in all distances is attached to the back of the race number. Do not tamper with or try to remove any part of this chip. Do not bend this chip or the race number.
  • Your name is printed on the race number do not mix up numbers.
  • Race numbers are not transferable. In the event that you are unable to run on race day, you may not pass your number to any other runner.

There is no Team competition in any of the 2019 Mandela day Marathon road races

  • Advertising rules:

Athletes must comply with IAAF and ASA advertising rules

  • There is no traveling along the race route by any vehicle, motorbike or bicycle.
  • Two places have been identified where seconds and family may be able to have access to the runners.
  • The Dennis Shepstone / Hillary Road junction which is just before the half way mark.
  • The Peels Honey area at Merrivale North using the Underberg turn off from the N3. Parking must be off the road, and vehicles must return to the N3 to go to the finish.
  • NOTE: Seconding that is not in accordance with these rules, or in the opinion of the referee or safety officers, impact on safety can lead to disqualification.
  • A Sweep vehicle will be provided behind the last runner of the 42km
  • Runners must reach the following cut off points in order to proceed to the finish:
  • Mtolo Butchery   15km                                08h10
    • Halfway09h30
  • Rotunda Entrance (Cedara Road)           10h00
  • Merrivale off ramp 10h30
  • Howick Stadium      32.2km                               11h00
  • Finish                                                                12h00

There are three Hot Spot awards in the 42km marathon for the first man and women to pass through the following points and to complete the race in under 4 hours.

  • Mtolo Butchery                                              R 8 000
  • Half Way in Hillary Road Hilton                 R10 000
  • Howick Stadium                                          R15 000


First South African: There is an award of R10 000 for the first South African man and woman to complete the 42km marathon race. A South African is defined as any runner who has a South African ID number. The winner must be able to provide his / her passport or ID to the Runners Information Centre in order to be eligible for the award.

First KZN Athlete: There is an award of R 5 000 for the first man and Woman from KZN to complete the 42km marathon race. A Kwa Zulu Natal Athlete is defined as any runner who is domiciled in the province of Kwa Zulu Natal, is licensed with KZN Athletics, and will include any athlete who is domiciled in KZN province but may be licensed with another athletics province and appear on the ASA National Athlete list. The winner must be able to provide relevant documentation to the Runners Information Centre in order to be eligible for the award.

Fastest Course Time:  Should either the first man or woman beat the fastest previous Mandela Day Marathon winning time they will be eligible for a R50000 incentive. The best times previously recorded are:

  • Men: Thobani Chagwe 2:27:12 (2014)
  • Women: Irvete Van Zyl 3:47:15 (2014)


Finish at Mandela Sculpture: All events will finish at the unique Nelson Mandela Sculpture.


For your convenience there will be at least one toilet at the 27 main refreshment stations.

Additional toilets will be placed at the Half way (21.1k) and Howick Stadium (10k to go).


There will be a total of 27 refreshment tables placed along the route at approximately 1.5km to 2km intervals. These will be stocked with Coke, water, and energy drinks

  • A Tog Bag collection point is provided at the entrance to all start venues.
  • The tog bag area at the starts will close 30 minutes prior to the start time.
  • The bags will be transported to the finish and will be available for collection as runners exit the runner’s area at the end of the finish lanes.
  • The race organizers do not accept responsibility for the safety of items left in the tog bags.
  • Runners must provide their own bags
  • Please do not leave valuables in the bags and if you have to leave a cell phone please make sure it is switched off.

Food will be provided along the route at Mtolo Butchery (16k), Rotunda (24k), the Sakabula Golf on R103 (30k) and at N3 off ramp to Midmar, (35k). The food will include fruit, biscuits and chocolates.

  • There will be ambulances along the route and these will constantly patrol the route.
  • There will be full medical and physiotherapy facilities at the finish at the capture site.


Finish Facilities: The following facilities will be provided at the finish:

  • For the runner – Medical tent, Physiotherapy, Tog Bag return, food, hydration, and a rest and recovery area. This will be restricted to runners only prior to returning to the public area:
  • In the public area there will be food and drink vendors.
  • A supervised Children’s area will be provided at the finish from 04:00 through 14:00. This area will close sharp at 14:00 so we request that all children are collected by 13:45
  • photographers who will take a series of photographs along the route, at the finish and in the post finish area for runners. These will be available for purchase after the race.
  • The finish area is particularly restricted in size and runners will not be allowed to stop at the finish for photographs, nor will family or friends be allowed to accompany runners over the finish line.
  • Runners may not collect or be accompanied by children, dogs, or family members who have not been officially entered in the race as they approach the finish line.
  • SABC 2 will be covering the race live on race day from 05:30 am.
  • The official prize giving will be televised live
  • The awards will be made to the Top three men and women in all three events (10k, 21.1km, 42.2km),
  • 10Km Prize Giving 7h40 – 8h00
  • 21,1Km Prize Giving            9h15 – 9h40
  • 42,2Km Prize Giving           10h00 – 10h55
  • 42,2Km – Top Three Men and Woman, the first SA and KZN man and woman in the marathon, and the Hot Spot winners only.
  • Athletes receiving prizes at the prize giving are required to be in full club tracksuits that comply fully with the IAAF Advertising Regulations and ASA club kit rules. NOTE: Athletes may NOT wear any headgear at prize giving. Athletes will be given an opportunity to have additional photographs taken after the completion of the official prize giving.
  • NOTE: Any relevant trophy, medals and prize money will be presented at the prize giving, but will be held by the race organizer pending the clearance of anti-doping tests.
  • Those runners who have earned an award must report to the Information Centre / Winners Circle to provide their full personal and banking details, in order for prize money to be transferred into accounts. It will only be acceptable to pay money into a third party account if the athlete provides the organizers with a letter stating that his / her prize money is paid through a third party account.
  • Age group runners will be required to provide proof of age. Please ensure this documentation is available on race day.
  • Any and all protests on the official results, or other competition infringements, must be submitted in terms of IAAF rules and ASA rules.
  • To allow the organizers to check the results of all runners, and to protect the credibility of the Mandela Day Marathon, runners may be contacted up to 15 days after race date and will be given a further 7 days to respond to allegations of rule or race infringements
  • The full race results will be published on Monday 26 August
  • The race results will be available live on the race web site on race day
  • Runners will receive an SMS with their finish time.